To empower women and like-minded people in the music industry. 


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With regular Q+A and
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In quarterly Networking Meet-Ups (currently online) you will meet and connect with other community members.



The MCW Discord server is a safe space where you can connect, share knowledge and experiences, get feedback or collaborate on a common project.  

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 We invite industry experts on each specialised subject to share their knowledge, in order to help you build your brand, boost your creativity, sort your copyrights, etc. 



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In order to empower our community members and their careers within the music industry, every month we dive into a different topic, whether it is branding, money making, music production or mental health. We talk to industry experts, provide you

with useful information, and answer the questions you have within each field.


As a community member you will have access to the invite-only MCW discord server, where we host monthly Q+A sessions, networking meet-ups, webinars and workshops.




Eleonore Clemente / Artist

"Thanks for organising the community call. It always leaves me with a warm feeling and gives me a boost to push my career!

Photo by Andrej Russkovski

Sarah Rimkus3.jpg

Sarah Rimkus / Music Supervisor

This is not only a great networking platform, but also very inspiring and empowering. I have already learned so much, met amazing women, and was already lucky enough to synch with some of them for a documentary.


Nita / Artist

Feels good to meet so many talented and  positive minds and I am happy to be a part of it.

Photo by Farina Deutschmann


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